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Landscaping Tips

Make Safety your number one concern. Survey your landscape space for any potentially harmful concerns such as large standing dead trees.

Never attempt to remove trees on your own. Always consult with a professional.

For do-it-yourself projects, map everything out on paper. Take measurements of your landscape areas. Choose particular plants based on their best growing potential in certain areas of your property.

Take note of problem areas such as poor drainage and erosion problems.

When planting, plant “like” plants and shrubs in groups of 3 or 5.

Plant items next to one another that have similar requirements (water, shade/sun amounts etc).

Perennial plants still require care to grow and come up every year.

Do your research! There are plenty of beautifully colored plants for spring, summer, and fall.

Re-seed bare grass spots between mid-April and mid-October. Water the area for at least 3 weeks afterward.

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About RidgeCrest Landscaping & Lawncare

RidgeCrest Landscaping & Lawncare provides residential and commercial landscape design, landscape installation, management of lawns and grounds and lawncare services. We are located in Allentown, Pennsylvania and operate throughout the Lehigh Valley, including Bethlehem, Easton, Emmaus, Hellertown, Center Valley, Coplay, Whitehall, Fullerton, Catasauqua, Macungie and Northampton. We have experienced landscape architects on staff and can plan any landscaping project from a few shrubs to entire yards, including hardscapes, softscapes and waterscapes. Special holiday lighting services are available. RidgeCrest does lawns, shrubs, trees, patios, beds, flowers, ornamentals, gardens, stonework and water featues. All of RidgeCrest's designs strive to achieve three fundamental goals: to be creative, functional and elegant.